Callaloo Juice goes overseas
Following the exciting reception of Exotic Juices' Callaloo Juice at our food awards, it looks like Lloyd Evans, CEO, is setting his sights overseas.

Callaloo Juice goes overseas Exotic Juices is in collaboration with Jammins Industries - a Florida-based company that currently distributes TruJuice in America - to take Callaloo Juice to the US. The company concentrates on quality Jamaican products that need to be promoted in the foreign market. Other products in their repertoire include Natural Feel coconut water and Chippers Delight banana chips.

Last month saw Callaloo Juice's first two forays into the American market, exporting approximately 60 cases of juice twice in May. Evans, however, is quick to point out that while the demand is much greater (at least 100 cases), he is intent on first feeding the local market. "This is where we want to build our confidence," he says, "because only then will the word spread to those overseas and the demand be even greater. " He explains that he is currently having difficulty responding to local demand and as such does not want to stretch resources by exporting any more. "The idea of callaloo juice is a novel one to many people overseas, because they are used to eating it, not drinking it," explains Maxine Roach, co-owner of Jammins Industries along with her husband Courtney. "The consciousness of people when it comes to their health is growing steadily, and people are more and more attracted to natural stuff." In fact, this is one of the main reasons Roach is so excited about this product.

It is both great-tasting and healthy. "People are excited about the innovativeness of the juice," she says, "and so we want to take it as far as it can go over here."

Evans has signed up for a four-month testing period to decide whether the exports are successful. And his response up to now? "So far, so good," he says.

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